About Us

Enzo Zago Terrecotte

In the town of Strada in Chianti, a few kilometers from Impruneta, home of the traditional “cotto fiorentino”, lies Enzo Zago Terrecotte, one of the most renowned companies specialising in the production of artistic terracotta.

The company, which operates the Antica Fornace Ricceri dating back at least 150 years, was founded by Raffaele Zago in 1960.

Following his retirement, his son Enzo took over the management, renewing and expanding the firm, adding new items to meet market demands, while maintaining alive the craft and tradition of terracotta production in the area.

The vast production of vases, urns, statues and home furnishings ranges from extremely classic to more comtemporary lines, and the skill and craftmanship of the artisans makes it possible to realise almost any product upon clients’ requests.

For decades now Enzo Zago Terrecotte has been producing prestigious one-of-a-kind items in handcrafted terracotta typical of Impruneta, known the world over for its distinctive colour and qualities, and for its nature of becoming even more beautiful as time passes.

Over the years “Enzo Zago Terracotte” has become a synonym for quality, beauty, and prestige, and we’re extremely proud to decorate some of the most exclusive hotels and country inns in Italy, Europe, the United States, and even Japan.

The Enzo Zago Terrecotte trademark builds on two fundamental factors: an inborn passion for the art of terracotta, and the extreme care that goes into creating the objects.

We pride ourselves with the level of attention to detail that goes into producing each handcrafted item.

The superiority of Enzo Zago Terrecotte products is recognized throughout the world, especially in northern Europe where its qualitites are particularly appreciated.

In fact, Enzo Zago provides its clientele with an official guarantee regarding the long-lasting and frost proof qualities of every product, even in the most severe climates up to -30°C.